Africa Day: PSA Calls For Continent-Wide Public Service Collaboration

Johannesburg – The continent celebrates Africa Day on Thursday, (25 May 2023).

To mark the day, the Public Servants Association (PSA) is calling for collaboration and skill-sharing between public service departments on the continent.

The public service is the largest employer in Africa. 

The PSA said sharing ideas and skills will be beneficial to the entire continent and its residents. 

“Collaboration on this level could result in job creation, poverty relief, improved welfare, and sustainable development,” said the PSA. 

“It could further support inclusivity for women and youth as well as the development of small and medium businesses.”

Promoting and valuing expertise in and from Africa can assist in promoting innovation, and developing professionalism in the public service.

In addition, it can change the tarnished image of public service, boost trust in services, and share best practices, which could attract young professionals to join. 

“This would also follow the trend seen in tourism and business, which have broken barriers to create jobs in the private sector,” the PSA said. 

“The sharing of knowledge and skills could further assist to address challenges currently faced in most government departments in South Africa, resulting in failure to attain service-delivery goals that will enhance lives and promote better working conditions. 

“However, to attain this, there must be unity on the continent.”

The Public Service remains vital in ensuring that sectors such as health, education, and safety can provide quality services for all citizens. 

The PSA said these sectors remain critical for the growth and health of societies and many lessons can be learned from our fellow African countries. 

“The biggest obstacle to collaboration remains the blatant fraud and corruption that have stunted Africa’s progress whilst benefiting the elite,” said the PSA. 

“As the continent with the youngest population in the world, it is time for African public services to take its place on the world stage and promote a better future for all Africans.”

Meanwhile, the government has announced that President Cyril Ramaphosa will lead Africa Day celebrations on Thursday at the Cradle of Humankind in Krugersdorp, Gauteng.