Spanish Police Arrest 4 Over Hanging Effigy With Vinicius Junior Shirt

Police in Spain on Tuesday announced that several people had been arrested in connection with the hanging of an effigy dressed in the number 20 shirt of Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior.

A mannequin wearing a Madrid shirt bearing the winger’s name was hung from a bridge near the club’s training ground, alongside a banner reading “Madrid hates Real”.

The unsavoury incident occurred in January, in the run-up to the Copa del Rey Cup quarter-final derby against Atlético Madrid.

A hate crime investigation was opened in the aftermath of the incident.

On Tuesday, Spanish police said four individuals aged 19, 21, 23, and 24 had been arrested for their alleged involvement.

At the weekend another racism storm blew up. 

Valencia fans were filmed on Sunday taunting the Brazilian with monkey chants during their home game against Real Madrid.

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Real Madrid has since laid a hate crime complaint.

Meanwhile, Valencia has reported that three fans accused of racially abusing Vinicius on Sunday have been identified and will be given lifetime bans from their stadium.