MEC Diale-Tlabela Welcomes Engineer’s Arrest For Soliciting R80 000 Bribe

Johannesburg – An engineer has been arrested for soliciting a bribe from a businessman who wanted to develop an access road to his newly purchased farm near Tarlton, Krugersdorp.

Allegations are that the 40-year-old engineer, who is attached to the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport, was approached by a businessman about authorisation of the planned access road.

The engineer allegedly demanded a sum of R80 000 in exchange for the approval of the businessman’s application.

The matter was brought to the attention of the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation’s Serious Corruption – better known as the Hawks.

The engineer was arrested in a sting operation last week Tuesday, (16 May 2023), when he accepted a cash payment.

The engineer has since appeared in the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court for allegedly receiving R40 000 in bribes.

Commenting on the arrest on Monday, Gauteng MEC for Transport and Logistics Kedibone Diale-Tlabela welcomed the action against the engineer, saying: “We are pleased with this arrest as it sets an important example for other officials within our department”.

MEC Diale-Tlabela added: “This clearly demonstrates that the sixth administration is committed to rooting out corruption in our province.

“Gone are the days where officials will get away with corrupt activities while drawing a salary from the state.

“We are collaborating with law enforcement agencies to ensure that these corrupt officials are brought to book.”

The MEC has commended the Hawks for a job well done and has committed to assisting law enforcement during the investigation.