SAFA Hosts Hollywoodbets Super League Referees Workshop

Johannesburg – The South African Football Association (SAFA) is hosting the 2023 Hollywoodbets Super League National Women Referees and Match Commissioner workshop at the SAFA Technical Centre.

As many as 45 participants are in attendance, of which 15 are match commissioners and 35 are referees and assistant referees.

“With this workshop, we want to ensure that our match officials and match commissioners are well prepared for the long season that lies ahead,” SAFA said Thursday. 

“We are going through the laws of the game amendments that come into effect in July of every year.”

The workshop is covering the technical aspects of the laws of the game including:

  • Identifying Challenges
  • Identifying Tactical Fouls
  • Identifying Handball
  • Penalty Area Incidents
  • Identifying Offside
  • Positioning & Reading the Game
  • Game Management

“We cover technical training, which deals with the laws of the game using video material from matches played around the world as well as our own PSL/NFD and HSL,” said SAFA Head of Referees Adbul Ebrahim.

Match officials are also put through physical training sessions, low, medium, and high-iIntensity sessions in preparation for the demanding 10-month-long Hollywoodbets Super League. 

“We also do integrated training sessions where we use local teams to play matches and referees and assistant referees are expected to simulate the officiating that they do every weekend,” said Ebrahim. 

“We use these sessions to assist with their general positioning and reading of the game, and with various match situations, we evaluate their understanding of the various technical concepts.

“Our match commissioners do the same technical sessions and in addition to that, they are reminded of their duties and responsibilities as a match commissioner and a referee assessor.”