Earthquake Update: Death Toll Climbs Above 5 000 In Türkiye, Syria

More than 5 000 people have died in the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria and the World Health Organization (WHO) fears the death toll could rise much higher.

WHO estimates that up to 23 million people in Turkey and Syria “are exposed” to the effects of this earthquake.

Most of the devastation occurred on Monday morning when an earthquake measuring 7,8 on the Richter Scale struck in both countries.

At least 10 towns and cities in Türkiye have buildings that have collapsed. In Syria the devastation was yet to be quantified owing to the difficult terrain.

Fears abound that many people remain trapped under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

CNN is reporting that international footballer Christian Atsu has been rescued in southern Türkiye from the aftermath of the powerful earthquake.

Atsu, 31, played in the Premier League for Newcastle United and Everton, on loan from Chelsea, and joined Türkiye side, Hatayspor, last September.

“We’ve received some positive news that Christian Atsu has been successfully rescued from the rubble of the collapsed building and is receiving treatment. Let’s continue to pray for Christian,” the Ghana Football Association tweeted Tuesday.

SURVIVED: Christian Atsu, Ghana international footballer, has been rescued after he was trapped in rubble

On Tuesday, a fresh earthquake of magnitude 5,7 rocked Türkiye. 

Authorities in Türkiye said more than 20 000 people have been injured. Thousands of others were injured in Syria.

Many others remain trapped under the rubble. Rescuers found a young girl alive under the rubble.

Countries all over the world have responded to calls for help to deal with the deadliest earthquake since 1939 to hit Türkiye and Syria.

Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, Georgia, Britain, Lebanon, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Italy, France, and Croatia have already sent rapid rescue teams to Türkiye.

TO THE RESCUE: Help arrives in Türkiye

On Tuesday foreign volunteers were seen arriving at Istanbul International Airport in Türkiye.

However, food and water were yet to get to the people that needed help the most. Some desperate locals resorted to looting supermarkets.

South African charity Gift of the Givers was already assisting the injured in Türkiye and more personnel were expected to arrive in the country.

Specialised rescue equipment and personnel were expected to arrive from the UK and the U.S.

Russia has already dispatched personnel to help with the search and rescue of survivors.

China has announced it will provide assistance to Türkiye and Syria.

Reports quoting the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning said the first batch of aid to Türkiye will be 40 million Chinese yuan ($5.9 million), while also dispatching rescue and medical teams, and emergency supplies.