‘We Respect Ex-President Zuma, But We Are Sad He Was Duped,’ Says SANCO

Johannesburg – The national leadership of the South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) on Tuesday said it was “disappointed” and “sad” that former president Jacob Zuma participated in a “bogus election”.

Since Zuma was reportedly elected chair of SANCO in KwaZulu-Natal, the organsation has been split into two.

SANCO is a broader alliance partner to the governing African National Congress (ANC), which includes the Congress of South African Trade Unions, and the SA Communist party.

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Speaking to The Bulrushes late Tuesday night, SANCO spokesperson Thamsanqa Kenke said that the civic organisation’s “leadership, and particularly its membership, are more sad than disturbed by the recent developments in KwaZulu-Natal”.

SANCO OFFICE BEARERS: Provincial Secretary of Gauteng Mpho Sesedinyane, General Secretary Mike Soko, Provincial Chairperson of Gauteng Portia Mokoena, Spokesperson of Johannesburg Region Simphiwe Hlafa, National Spokesperson Thamsanqa Kenke and Regional Secretary of Tshwane Martin Moloto

Kenke added: “SANCO has become accustomed to the bogus elections and structures that claim to represent SANCO at all levels of the organisation, but that former president Zuma would take advantage of these opportunistic individuals, honestly makes us sad. 

“There are many across the membership and the leadership of SANCO who hold the deepest respect for former president Zuma, as a former leader of the country and the ANC, as well as a stalwart of the struggle against apartheid.

“Therefore, to think that he would openly exploit SANCO and its challenges to help him in his well-known political battles is disheartening.”

SANCO describes itself as a civic movement constituted by the residents of South Africa founded on the basic needs, aspirations, and expectations of the masses of the people. 

The Citizen on Friday reported that the 80-year-old former president participated in and won an election as Chairperson of SANCO in KwaZulu-Natal.

However, those who elected Zuma insist they are the legitimate SANCO representatives in KwaZulu-Natal.

“We must believe that former President Zuma would not be that crass in his public undertakings, but this must be either a sign of exhaustion due to old age, or that he has reached a cul-de-sac in his political career, and therefore a sign of desperation,” Kenke said. 

“Either way, he has disappointed many within the civic movement, by agreeing to not just join bogus individuals, but to claim to now be a Chair of SANCO KZN. 

“We hope those close to him will advise him not to take advantage of community organisations like SANCO because he feels as if he is in the political wilderness, but to sort out his challenges as an elder and a leader, not a streetfighter. 

“These individuals he has chosen to associate with, are basically political thugs, who are using him to gain some traction. They will soon drop him when these five minutes of fame have elapsed.”

Kenke said the dispute over Zuma’s supposed election would not deter SANCO from its historic mission, of being a custodian of communities, and focusing on what must be done to rescue South Africa from the many socio-economic problems it is currently enduring.

“This time shall pass, but SANCO’s historic mission shall remain, and therefore we shall not lose our way because of bogus individuals or the desperate actions of former President Zuma,” said Kenke.

Kenke named SANCO national office bearers as:

  • President – Skhumbuzo Mpaza
  • Deputy President – Bongikhaya Qama
  • National Chairperson – Nomfundo Moshani
  • National Treasurer – David Mkhwanazi
  • General Secretary – Mike Soko
  • Deputy General Secretary – Ntobi Nkonka
  • National Organiser – Daluxolo Ntsinde