Department Of Correctional Services’ Schools Get 95.9% Matric Pass Rate

Gqeberha – The Department of Correctional Services is celebrating the outstanding successes of schools in its prisons, where inmates have scored impressive Matric results.

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola announced the National Senior Certificate results at the St Albans Correctional Facility in Gqeberha, Eastern Cape on Monday, 

Paying tribute to the inmates who have done well and are determined to better themselves, Lamola said: “What brings us here is amazing work by inmates and educators”.

Minister Lamola added: “In my home language we say Mintirho Ya Vulavula”.

Although learners had to overcome challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic and load shedding, South Africa’s matric class of 2022 achieved an impressive 80.1% pass rate, an improvement from last year’s 76.4% pass rate. 

The minister said the achievement was truly commendable and was a trajectory that must be sustained.

“In the Department of Correctional Services, our full-time schools achieved an impressive 95.9% matric pass rate, whereas part-time schools registered 63.3%,” Minister Lamola said.

“When the two categories are combined, we stand at 87.5%, which is still above the 77% we achieved in the 2021 academic year. This represents an improvement of 10.5%.”

In 2021, 192 learners wrote the National Senior Certificate Examination and 148 passed.  

“This year a total of 203 learners sat for matric and 202 passed, 122 (52.8%) received Bachelor’s passes, 56 (24,2%) received Diploma passes and 10,4% achieved Higher Certificates,” Minister Lamola said.

“This in effect means that 77% of our learners qualified for access to tertiary education at a university or a college. 

“The trends indicate that the focus is on the quality of passes received by learners.”

The minister said another positive story to be told was that 11 Correctional Services Schools received 100% pass rate, an improvement from last year’s eight.

  • Usethubeni Youth and Baviaanspoort Youth achieved 100% for the last seven years.
  • Umlalati and Qalakabusha achieved 100% for the last four years.
  • Johannesburg CC and St Albans have achieved 100% for the first time since they enrolled Grade 12 learners.
  • ​Cradock, Rustenburg CC (Thuto- Kitso) and Groenpunt CC (Bokamoso SS) achieved 100% for the last two years.
  • Estcourt CC (Sicebengolwazi) and Mangaung (Liberty Independent Sec School) had their first Grade 12s this year and both correctional centres achieved 100%. 

“Four of our learners received six distinctions. Njabulo Moyo from Umlalati Learning Centre in Umjindi, Mpumalanga, was the best-performing learner with an average of 87.9%,” Minister Lamola said.

“Our matric results speak volumes, they are impressive, inmates are now more than ever determined to fully utilise the second chance provided to them.  

“They are grasping with both hands opportunities which will enable them to be upright citizens when released. 

“The foundation of any society’s development is education.”

Giving a word of encouragement to inmates, Minister Lamola said: “We have seen education restoring inmates’ self-esteem and social competence. Among our ex-offenders, we count among others, professors, doctors (PhD), and people of high esteem”.

He urged inmates that qualified to study further to “start applying for bursaries” and not “bask in your glory for long”.

The minister also explained that the department does not fund the studies for inmates.

“I know we are always accused of prioritising and funding education for inmates at universities at the expense of law-abiding young people,” Minister Lamola said.

“Year in and year out, we always clarify that as the Department of Correctional Services, we do not pay tuition fees for inmates at institutions of higher learning, rather, inmates’ families and bursaries are responsible for such.”