Hani’s Killer, Janusz Waluś, Must Serve Parole In SA, Can’t Leave For Poland

Johannesburg – Convicted murderer Janusz Waluś – the man who killed the much-loved anti-apartheid hero Chris Hani about three decades ago – will have to serve his parole in South Africa Home.

Last week on Monday, (21 November 2022), the Constitutional Court ordered that Waluś be released on parole within 10 days after serving about 25 years of his life sentence.

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The Constitutional Court order has been met with a massive outcry from Hani’s family, the South African Communist Party (SACP), and the African National Congress (ANC), who believe Waluś must not be freed until he reveals who else was involved apart from co-conspirator Clive Derby-Lewis in the 10 April 1993 assassination.

ASSASSINATED IN 1993: Chris Hani, much-loved anti-apartheid hero

Hani was the SACP Secretary-General and MK leader and was involved in negotiations to bring about democracy in South Africa when he was shot dead while stepping out of his car at his home in Dawn Park, Boksburg.

Derby-Lewis – the mastermind who supplied “triggerman” Waluś with the gun – was released from prison in June 2015 after serving 22 years, due to terminal lung cancer. He died from the disease on 3 November 2016.

Regarding the Polish national’s impending release, Home Affairs Dr. Aaron Motsaoaledi on Monday said he has, “granted Waluś an exemption in terms of section 31(2)(b) of the Immigration Act 13 of 2002, the rights of permanent residence for the parole period and conditions to be imposed by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services”.

“The Minister granted the exemption in order for Mr. Waluś to serve his parole period in South Africa and the exemption contains a condition that Mr. Waluś may not use any travel document and/or passport issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland,” SA Home Affairs said.

“The minister notes the media speculation that Mr. Waluś would serve his parole period in the Republic of Poland. In light of the exemption issued by the minister, this speculation cannot be correct, and the Department of Home Affairs would not be involved in any deportation process of Mr. Waluś to the Republic of Poland.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa – the leader of the ANC – said the Constitutional Court ruling ordering the release of Waluś on parole was very disappointing and unfortunate.

On Saturday, the ANC and SACP held a protest outside the court to protest the decision.