Host Ntsiki Mazwai Fired From ‘Her’ Unpopular Opinion Podcast

Johannesburg – Electribe Productions on Friday announced it has parted ways with Unpopular Opinion podcast founding host Ntsiki Mazwai.

“We as Electribe Productions and Miss Nontsikelelo ‘Ntsiki’ Mazwai have parted ways to a strained professional relationship and partnership,” Electribe Productions said in an unsigned statement posted on Twitter.

“This statement serves to inform you our beloved viewers and followers that Unpopular Opinion has taken a new creative direction as we have changed the format and structure of the podcast.”

The statement was posted after Ntsiki – who refers to herself as “a powerful African and the most unconventional businesswoman of our time” said she had been bullied out of her own podcast.

“Sometimes you trust the wrong people and have to accept your poor choices. I will be back with my own podcast. Still processing how my following and network was used to build and then I was bullied off my own work. Trust me… I will come back harder fam.,” Ntsiki said in an earlier post.

“It was a shared channel they have now hijacked… what they are doing is not legal. They also don’t have clearance from me to air my episodes.”

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Ntiski also claimed Electribe Productions was “not giving me my share of the money”.

“I wasn’t a front nana… I controlled the value chain… they are just abusing the fact that it’s their cameras… something I can replace. I’ve never pretended to own vineyards,” she added.

However, Electribe Productions said: “Unpopular Opinion was conceived and conceptualised by Electribe Productions to be a platform for insightful, educational, and in-depth conversation with different voices from all spheres of life.”

Apologising for what it said was the delay in advising the public of the split, Electribe Productions said: “we are aware of the accusation made by Ntsiki and we will address them under advisement.”

Electribe Productions promised it would continue to produce the podcast but said Unpopular Opinion “has taken a new creative direction as we have changed the format and structure of the podcast”.