WIB Group Partners With German Firm ELO To Digitise Business Processes

Johannesburg – Technology group Word Is Bond (WIB) has partnered with Stuttgart headquartered enterprise content management company ELO to enhance its public sector digitalisation project in Southern Africa.

WIB says the ELO alliance enables it to fulfil its objectives to digitise the public sector in SA and other countries in the region, as it seeks to find solutions to assist in solving perennial challenges in healthcare, public transport and security.

ELO, which is headquartered in Stuttgart Germany and has presence in 16 countries, established its digital office in Johannesburg last year, said it plans to extend its footprint In Africa through partnerships.

Commenting on the partnership, ELO Africa CEO Kevin Nono said: “ELO Africa looks forward to the partnership with WIB Group. ELO Africa believes that the relationship will put in place a sound foundation that will facilitate digital transformation in Africa.”

Similarly, WIB Group CEO Thandile Fikeni explained the significance of partnering with the German firm, saying: “With this collaboration, we are aiming to digitise the African continent”.

Fikeni added: “For too long, Africans have been seen as merely consumers, and we are on the journey to show that we, too, are pioneers of technological innovation and advancements.

“We will be able to create an African database by mining data within the African setting and be able to create an African database, using this data to further our continent as a whole and end the expropriation of our resources.

“Right now, is the time to get value out of our data. This collaboration will ensure skills and knowledge transfer to our own people by creating centres of excellence and training centres.

“By working directly with communities on the African continent, we hope to not only improve our community collective memories but also ensure the development of future communities.”

WIB Group is currently working with the Department of Health to digitise patient records, it has also partnered with Social Housing Regulatory Authority to assist with the electronic tenant on-boarding system.

In neighbouring Botswana, WIB Group said it was working on digitising financial management systems and revenue collection for power utilities.