Houdini Disappears From Montecasino, Reappears Along Witkoppen Road

Johannesburg – Fourways Houdini – the giant peacock – disappeared from the Montecasino Bird Garden, along with several chicks, only to be found on the other side of Witkoppen Road.

Emer-G-Med on Friday said Houdini was caught “in his tracks on Witkoppen Road this morning after he snuck out of the Montecasino Bird Garden”.

Emer-G-Med added: “It is suspected that the Fourways Houdini had a run in with one of the ‘Boets’ at Montecasino Bird Garden, after he was messing with his chicks.

“‘Houdini decided that this was enough and he tried to see if the ‘Binnets’ were better on the other side of the road.

“Fortunately, this peacock didn’t cross the road and was safely returned back to his beautiful home at the Montecasino Bird Garden.”