Private Equity Fund Alitheia IDF Implements PE Front Office

Alitheia IDF, a private equity fund based in South Africa and Nigeria, has implemented PE Front Office to manage and optimise its alternative investment processes.

The move enables Alitheia IDF to efficiently manage its alternative investment processes.

PE Front Office – the end-to-end integrated solution for Alternative Investment Management – announced the development in Johannesburg.

The platform supports multiple capabilities including Deal Flow Management, Investment Management, Portfolio Monitoring, Investor Relations Management, and Fund Administration augmented by CRM, Document Management, Reports & Analytics, Outlook/Gmail Plugins, and Mobile App.

Speaking on this partnership, Raghav Gupta, Senior Director of PE Front Office, said: “We are extremely happy to be working with Alitheia IDF as their software solution provider. We look forward to a continued partnership and to helping the Alitheia team to better manage their investment processes.”

About Alitheia IDF

The first and largest dedicated gender lens investing fund in Africa, Alitheia IDF is a pioneering private equity fund that identifies, invests in, and grows SMEs led by gender-diverse teams to achieve solid financial returns and tangible social impact for communities in Africa. 

Alitheia IDF invests in sectors that engage a significant percentage of women, either as entrepreneurs, producers, distributors, or consumers. Some of these sectors are Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Health, Education, Creative Industries, and Financial and Business Services.

About PE Front Office

PE Front Office is the only comprehensive and integrated suite of products developed with a focus on the front and middle office processes for alternative investment management – Private Credit/Debt, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Fund of Funds, Real Estate Funds, Limited Partners, and Fund Admins. 

PE Front Office solution is available as a cloud-based subscription model and can be deployed on the client premise as well. 

PE Front Office software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is hosted on a fully secure, virtual, private cloud that is dedicated and exclusive to each customer.