Eskom Announces Stage 2 Load-Shedding From Tuesday 4 PM

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Eskom has announced that it will implement Stage 2 load-shedding from Tuesday at 4 pm.

“Due to a shortage of generation capacity, Stage 2 load-shedding will be implemented at 16:00 – 24:00 this evening; with a high probability of load-shedding on Wednesday and Thursday,” said Eskom in a terse statement.

The power utility said breakdowns of a single generation unit at Arnot Power Station and three at Tutuka Power Station during the last 24 hours were to blame.

In addition, delays in returning units to service at Arnot, Kusile, and Tutuka power stations have put a severe strain on the power generation system.

Eskom said: “We currently have 4 550MW on planned maintenance, while another 14 182MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns

“We, therefore, urge South Africans to continue using electricity sparingly.”