JSE Investment Challenge Becoming Central To Learner School Satisfaction 

The opportunity to participate in the more than four-decade-long financial literacy programme is fast becoming a factor when learners rate their overall satisfaction with their school learning environment.

There is a growing appreciation by South African learners for the need to gain exposure to a broader knowledge base beyond the school curriculum, says Ralph Speirs, JSE CSI officer. 

Learners from Acudeo College Crystal Park agree with Speirs. 

“One thing that I personally love about my experience in this school is all the wonderful opportunities that it has exposed me to, like the JSE Investment Challenge,” says Onyinye Kennedy, matric learner at Gauteng-based Acudeo College Crystal Park. 

Acudeo College Crystal Park is one of the schools that have registered multiple teams to participate in the JSE Investment Challenge.

In June, the school made history when it won all three monthly prizes for the second time in this year’s competition in the high school category. 

Teams comprising high school learners have the option to compete in one of the three categories including the Income Portfolio, Equity Portfolio and the Speculator Portfolio.

At Acudeo College Crystal Park, the passion for learning and growth seems to cascade all the way from the school’s top leadership. 

Lynette du Toit, the newly appointed principal of Acudeo College Crystal Park says she is very passionate about education. 

“I believe in establishing systems that are reliable, efficient, and effective in allowing our staff and learners to leverage all the opportunities for learning that a school offers,” says Du Toit. 

“That includes systems for helping teachers to grow professionally, and systems for dealing with the challenging dynamics that inevitably arise in a place filled with hundreds of complex, wonderful hearts and minds.”

Speirs says financial literacy is one of those critical life skills that everyone should have and this is what continues to drive the JSE to deliver this programme to all young South Africans willing to participate in the programme.

“Few, if any tertiary institutions offer financial literacy. The JSE Investment Challenge aims to bridge that gap by ensuring that we stimulate students and learners’ interest in the subject so that they can continue to self-educate throughout their lives,” adds Speirs. 

The JSE’s financial literacy programme, offered through the JSE Investment Challenge, is also available to students at tertiary institutions and it is open to all students regardless of their chosen field of study. 

A perfect example is a Witwatersrand University team “Dancing in the Dark” that won the June monthly prize in the university category for the second time in a row.  

The team comprises an actuarial science, accounting and a medical student. 

Speirs says learners and students can still register their teams to stand a chance to win the grand prize at the end of the competition. 

The overall annual winners will be announced at an event scheduled to take place in October.

Winners for the June 2022 monthly Investment Challenge competition include:

Income category: 

Shosheq-ACCP from ACUDEO College Crystal Park in Gauteng

Equity portfolio: 

PEPI MERYRE-ACCP from ACUDEO College Crystal Park in Gauteng

Speculator portfolio for schools:

Black Labour-White Wealth-ACCP from ACUDEO College Crystal Park in Gauteng

Speculator portfolio for universities:

‘Dancing in the Dark’ from the University of the Witwatersrand, in Gauteng.

Teams can register electronically at https://schools.jse.co.za and https://university.jse.co.za and to stay updated, follow the competition’s social media accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.