Horror In Texas: 46 bodies Of Illegal ‘Migrants’ Found In A truck, 3 Arrests

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As many as 46 bodies of suspected migrants have been found in the back of a truck on the southwest side of San Antonio in Texas, United States.

Authorities in the US made the grim discovery Monday evening around 6 pm after they were alerted to cries of help from a truck left on the side of the road, with temperatures sweltering at about 39 degrees Celsius.

Initally, it was thought one person had died – most likely of heat stroke.

The Bulrushes can report that the bodies “felt hot to the touch” when they were retrieved. 

Speaking to reporters US authorities in Texas said 46 bodies were removed from the truck, in what was thought to be a smuggling attempt from Mexico gone horribly wrong.

Sixteen survivors – including four distressed children – were rescued and taken to hospital. 

Three people are in custody in connection with the deaths, authorities said.