EFF Condemns Hijacking Of Its Head Of Presidency Vuyani Pambo

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The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Tuesday revealed that the party’s head of presidency, Commissar Vuyani Pambo, was hijacked by three burly masked men who made off with his car.

The EFF said it “condemns the hijacking” which occurred on Monday.

“In a trend of violent crime which characterises South African Society, three armed men approached the car of Commissar Pamb, taking his vehicle and demanding money,” the EFF said.

“The individuals, who were well-built, masked men, operated with precision and took the vehicle of Commissar Pambo outside the household of his mother.”

The  EFF described the neighbourhood as “quiet and unassuming”.

“The armed men drove around with the vehicle, and fled with his [Pambo] personal belongings, which include his passport, identity document, organisational material, and other valuables.”

The hijackers later abandoned the car.

“It is clear through the manner in which the operation was conducted that it was premeditated, with the intent of intimidation and securing certain valuable documents and information,” the EFF said.

“The EFF is thankful that Commissar Pambo was not hurt during the incident, especially that his child, his mother, and himself were left unharmed.”

The EFF said the incident shows that “no one is immune from criminal activity” and the party called on law enforcement agencies to increase their efforts in fighting crime” and increase visibility.

EFF added: “The only deterrent to violent crime is increased visibility and arrests of culprits in a swift manner.”