Discovery Insure Launches Fire Force Project In Johannesburg

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Discovery Insure on Monday launched the Discovery Fire Force project in Johannesburg.

Discovery Insure said the project was a unique solution to protect clients from the devastating impact of fires.

Data from the Fire Protection Association of South Africa indicates that a  fire occurs in Johannesburg every six hours.

“Immediate assistance makes all the difference when that accident that you never thought you’d have, actually happens,” said Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure.  

“The new Fire Force offering is a true manifestation of Discovery’s core purpose of enhancing and protecting lives by keeping our clients and communities safe.

“We are proud to partner with the Advanced EMS team to support individuals and small businesses with a rapid response firefighting service that can help to curtail damages, injury and save lives, especially in a city such as Johannesburg where fires are a real concern.”

Fire Force is a first-to-market partnership between Discovery Insure and Advanced Emergency Management Services (Advanced EMS).

It brings firefighting services as a value-added benefit primarily to Discovery Insure clients whose vehicle, home or business may be impacted by fire.

The service will be available to clients across the majority of the Johannesburg metropolitan area.