City Of Tshwane Calls For Help To Stop Substation Vandalism, Catch Culprits

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The City of Tshwane on Friday asked the public to help with information about vandalism at Mahube and Nellmapius substations.

“Yesterday critical infrastructure was stolen out of the Nellmapius substation, reducing the stability of the substation and increasing the chance of future power failure, affecting the area,” said Daryl Johnston, MMC for Utility Services and Regional Operation & Coordination.

“Earlier this morning we were made aware of a break-in at the Mahube Valley substation in Mamelodi where criminals broke through welded doors to vandalise equipment, breaking panel doors and stealing them.”

Johnston said some of the break-ins appear to be purely to destroy property and negatively affect the ability of the City to provide critical electricity to the local community.

“We are meeting with our infrastructure protection team and senior City leadership to explore all avenues for how we can fight against this deliberate destruction of our City’s infrastructure,” said Johnston.

“I want to implore residents to please let TMPD and the City know if you are aware of attempts to damage our infrastructure.

“Every case of vandalism requires repairs using the same budget that we need to improve and expand our electricity provision across the City.”

Johnston said when someone damages a substation, they rob Tshwane residents of their access to electricity.

“We need to work together as government and residents to protect our infrastructure so Tshwane can provide a stable supply of electricity needed both for normal life and to grow our economy.

“These attacks on our infrastructure are an attack on our shared future and we condemn them in the strongest way.”