Not In My Name International Says Ria Ledwaba Must Lead SAFA

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Not In My Name International has declared its public endorsement for Ria Ledwaba in the upcoming contest for the South African Football Association (SAFA) presidency.

Not In My Name International on Monday said, “in its capacity as leader of a coalition of civil society organisation’s representing over 24 organisations has taken a conscious decision to publicly endorse and support Mme Ria Ledwaba’s candidacy for SAFA president.”

Not In My Name International’s move is not the first time that the organisation has been on opposite sides with SAFA President Danny Jordaan.

Last year in August, Jordaan was in the sights of Not In My Name International when the organisation urged him to “do the right thing” regarding a rape complaint laid against him.

At the time the SA Human Rights Commission had offered to mediate in a matter in which Jennifer Ferguson publicly accused Jordaan of raping her at a hotel in Port Elizabeth.

Ferguson – a singer-songwriter and former ANC MP – reported the matter, which she said had occurred more than decade ago, to the police in 2018.

Although Jordaan denies the accusation, Not In My Name International had weighed in on the SAHRC matter, saying the football supremo should “do the right thing”.

This time around Not In My Name International said it was fully behind Ledwaba, the incumbent SAFA vice-president, in her quest to wrestle power from 70-year-old Jordaan.

Last week Ledwaba cancelled her proposed campaign launch after threats of expulsion or suspension by SAFA, which insists nominees will be given 14 days to campaign.

The elections for national and provincial office bearers including the top SAFA job are set to take place next month, on 25 June.

However, Not In My Name International has already taken a stance saying: “We are the public – and as the public we are saying that we have noted with excitement the nomination of Mrs. Ria Ledwaba as the next president of SAFA, and we are fully behind her.”

“SAFA needs a change and Ria Ledwaba is the candidate to bring that change.”