Connie Ferguson To Collaborate With Zimbabwe Filmmakers

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Highly acclaimed film producer and actress Connie Ferguson is back in South Africa after a weekend visit to Zimbabwe, where she initiated possible collaborations with filmmakers from that country.

On Saturday, Ferguson spoke at a Woman in Business conference in Zimbabwe. She also visited Emerald Hill children’s home and attended a gala dinner.

Ferguson told local media that she had met with Zimbabwean filmmakers to discuss collaborations in productions.

“I have already started talking to some filmmakers from Zimbabwe who apparently have been doing great things here,” Ferguson was quoted as saying in local media reports.

“As you may have seen right now, we are trying to cross borders and bridge the gap between African countries with our show (Kings of Joburg), and season 2 is coming soon.”

Before she left for South Africa, Ferguson held a Zumba masterclass fitness session.

“Thank you for having me in your beautiful country, this is the first visit but will certainly not be the last,” said the owner of Ferguson Films, whose other productions include iGazi, The Gift, The Throne, The Queen and The Imposter.