Rihanna’s Baby Daddy Faces 14 Years In Prison Over Gun-Related Charges

The guns seized from the home of US rapper A$AP Rocky – the partner of pregnant Rihanna – are properly licensed and ballistic tests have failed to link them to the shooting he was arrested for.

The artist was arrested on the morning of 20 April 2022. He is accused of having shot a victim three or four times in November 2021, TMZ reported recently.

A$AP Rocky

The rapper had returned from a trip to Barbados, in the Caribbean, with his fashion and beauty billionaire girlfriend, Rihanna, when he was arrested soon after landing his private jet in Los Angeles, United States. 

However, the 33-year-old rapper was released on a $550,000 bail on the day of his arrest and is set to return to court on 17 August 2022.

While the rapper was away in Barbados, police had used a battering ram to smash their way into A$AP Rocky’s home, where they searched and found several guns.

A$AP Rocky is accused of assault with a deadly weapon related to a November 2021 Los Angeles shooting.

Although reports from the US say authorities cleared all the seized guns, a video purporting to show rapper A$AP Rocky firing a gun has surfaced.

Earlier this year, in January, 34-year-old singer and fashion icon Rihanna announced to the world that she was expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky.

If A$AP Rocky – the “F**kin’ Problems” hit-maker – is convicted he faces 14 years in jail.

A$AP Rocky and girlfriend Rihanna are having a baby