Eldorado Park Back In The Dark After Transformer Blows Up

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Eldorado Park, Johannesburg, was back in darkness after Wednesday’s attempt to restore electricity in the area ended in a loud explosion.

“The second transformer blew up when we livened it up this afternoon,” said City Power Spokesperson Isaac Mangena.

He said the explosion affected the first transformer which also tripped on impact.

“The first transformer was successfully livened up yesterday and was ready to take customer loads by midday today,” said Mangena.

“We managed to switch on Goldev switching substation at 14h55 and restored customers in freedom Park, Mpumelelo, Devland, among others.”

The explosion on the transformer happened at 15h15 cutting off electricity supplies to the areas that had been affected by the initial fire, mostly around Eldos.

A few days ago, on Good Friday, the same Eldorado Park Substation caught alight and residents said they heard loud explosions before their power went off.

Commenting on the latest explosion, Mangena said City Power teams were assessing the first transformer that tripped to see if it can be restored.

“This will see customers initially restored by 14h55 back again, hopefully by later this evening,” said Mangena.

“The blown up transformer will be replaced by a new transformer which will be brought to site.

“Unfortunately we have no ETR [Estimated Time of Restoration] for the remainder of the customers. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the customers by this.”