Half-A-Million Rand A Month COJ Communications Job Raises Eyebrows

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The South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU), which is heading to the Labour Court to save the jobs of 130 City of Joburg (COJ) workers, is up in arms over the half-a-million rand salary being offered by the council for the fixed-term position of communication specialist.

The appointment requirements for the cushy job include a matric certificate (NQF Level 4), plus a national diploma in communications/media studies, public relations, or any other function-related degree at NQF Level 6.

Candidates for the position, which is “linked to political term of office”, must also have three to four years of relevant experience, of which two years were in a professional capacity, and a valid driver’s licence.

Commenting on the eye-catching salary, Karabo Ramahuma, SAMWU Fincoph Cluster Secretary on Wednesday said: “This is a clear demonstration of what we are dealing with versus what the material reality is.”

Last month SAMWU’s lawyers filed a matter in the Labour Court to challenge the COJ’s intention to let go of employees whose fixed-term contracts were converted to permanent positions.

The COJ insists the conversions to permanent positions were unlawful and has since reversed the appointments. The affected workers have been placed back onto fixed term contracts that expire at the end of this month.

At least three COJ employees told The Bulrushes this week that their medical aid had already been cancelled. They only found out when they visited their doctors.

The disputed fixed-term contract matter is set to be heard next week.

Irked by the half-a-million rand per month offered to the communication specialist, Ramahuma said: “It is not for the first time by the way. The first thing the DA [Democratic Alliance] did in 2016 when they took office was to increase Michael Beaumont’s salary by R500 000.

“I guess it’s their favourite amount.

“On the contrary, we still have comrades who are earning only R8 000 a month and yet most are now classified as ‘Essential Workers’. Greed and deployment of their people as per the executive mayor’s account.”

The multi-party COJ which is led by DA has not yet responded to requests for comment on the advertised position that was opened this week.