Jamaican Gunman Shoots Dead Mighty Diamonds Lead Singer Tabby Diamond

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Tabby Diamond, lead singer for the legendary Jamaican reggae group, The Mighty Diamonds, was killed on Tuesday night, reports radioJamicanewsonline.com.

The publication reports that St. Andrew South Police confirmed that 67-year-old Tabby Diamond whose real name was Donald Shaw and Owen Beckford were killed when a gunman opened fire on a group of people outside a shop around 9:42 pm.

“Two men and a woman were also wounded in the shooting. Fitzroy ‘Bunny’ Simpson and Lloyd ‘Judge’ Ferguson are the remaining members of The Mighty Diamonds, the musical trio, formed in 1969,” said radioJamicanewsonline.com. 

Reports from Kingstone suggest reggae singer Tabby Diamond may have been the intended target of the double murder on McKinley Drive in St. Andrew.

Commanding Officer for the St. Andrew South Division, SSP Kirk Ricketts, was quoted as saying the reggae singer may have been the target.

One of Tabby Diamond’s sons, said to be influential in the local community, is in custody facing a charge of murder.

The police say the area has been plagued by gang conflict since 2012.

The Mighty Diamonds were known for international hits such as Have MercyPass the Kutchie, and I Need a Roof.

Once again Jamaica’s ruthless gunmen known as “shottas” have robbed reggae lovers around the world of another golden voice.

The same thing happened in 1987 when three blood-thirsty gunmen stormed the home of reggae star Peter Tosh and shot him dead – just like that the Steppin Razor was blunted.

The latest police crime statistics show that 112 people were murdered in Jamaica in the first 23 days of 2022.

Around that time Dancehall star Kapella Don was shot dead.

Jamaica is struggling to put a lid on wanton murders on the island despite regular gun seizures the killings continue unabated.

Most radio stations on the Island were playing big hits from The Mighty Diamonds Wednesday in remembrance of Tabby Diamond.

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