Relief for SA Musicians, 100 Grant Proposals To Get Funding Support

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The Royal Norwegian Embassy, SAMRO, and the Levedo Foundation have announced the results of the fourth Concerts SA Digital Mobility Fund (#DMF2022). 

“Of those who applied for #DMF2022 rollout, 100 of the 419 high-quality proposals were selected to receive support,” said SAMRO in a statement this week.

“Applicants hailed from all parts of South Africa and formed a rich kaleidoscope of cultures, traditions, genres, idioms, and origins.”

Concerts SA was co-founded by SAMRO and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in 2013 to support live-music touring across the southern African region.

When the coronavirus hit South Africa in 2020 strict lockdowns were imposed. It was clear alternative sources of income for musicians needed to be explored.

Concerts SA’s carried out the necessary research into digital live streaming initiatives, which culminated in the release of the first “Concerts SA Digital Mobility Fund in 2020”. 

#DMF2022 is the fourth rollout of the fund. 

“In 2021 hundreds of musicians benefitted from Concerts SA’s micro-grants, which helped keep momentum through the debilitating impact of Covid-19 on the live music industry,” said SAMRO CEO Mark Rosin. 

“SAMRO is proud of Concerts SA’s continuing effort to stimulate and grow the live music circuit in southern Africa, and is looking forward to their contribution to a vibrant and musical 2022.”

The full list of projects selected for the Digital Mobility Fund can be found on the Concerts SA website: