Hillbrow Tense, Operation Dudula Moves In, Heavy Police Presence

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Thousands of people gathered in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, Saturday in response to an invitation by Operation Dudula – the organisation that aims to remove “undocumented” foreign nationals from South Africa.

The high number of jobless people has fermented anti-foreigner sentiment in South Africa, especially against those employed in menial jobs that have in the past been seen as beneath locals.

The unauthorised gathering in Hillbrow on Saturday afternoon was the second in succession.

Operation Dudula has rallied jobless locals “to do the work,” they say police and home affairs are failing to do – that is to “remove illegal foreign nationals”.

However, the police this week warned citizens against accosting foreign nationals and businesses and advised that they should instead report their concerns to law enforcers.

The first time police used rubber bullets and water cannons to disperse Operation Dudula members.

Leaders of the operation accuse foreign nationals of stealing their jobs, dealing in drugs, prostitution and other crimes.

Zimbabweans and Nigerians are the general targets of Operation Dudula.

There was a heavy police presence in Hillbrow.

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