‘Inventing Anna’ Is The New Movie To Watch On Netflix

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If you are looking forward to something interesting to watch, entertainment writer Ben Travers suggests on the IndieWire website that “Inventing Anna” represents the “kind of idea that’s too good to pass up”. 

Travers sums up Inventing Anna as “a true crime story about a duplicitous con artist who infiltrated New York’s elite social scene, ask one of modern television’s most skilled twist-tellers to craft a nine-episode limited series, and bam — you’ve got the tale of Anna Delvey, from super-producer Shonda Rhimes“. 

Travers writes that “Inventing Anna” is actually Rhimes’ first series since “Scandal” where she’s serving as creator, and her first time in that roll on a Netflix show since her massive deal was secured in 2017 (and re-upped in 2021). 

Inventing Anna” will be available on Netflix on 11 February 2022

“Expect the hype machine to be in full force for this one,” writes Travers.