Only Bits Of Cloth, Bloodied Bones Left After Recycler Fell Into Metal Shredder

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It is hard to imagine the pain 29-year-old recycling worker Stanford Pesani suffered when he was sliced to pieces like the metals he had dutifully fed into the shredding machine nearly every day for six years.

One Friday his relatives showed The Bulrushes a picture of strips of flesh, bits of cloth and bloodied bones they said was all that was left of Pesani after he inexplicably fell into the metal shredder.

Pesani’s remains had been collected and placed in a black bin bag.

Pesani didn’t have a wife or children. 

Relatives said for six years he worked at the metal recycling company earning R1 800 a fortnight from the backbreaking and dangerous work.

Those who knew Pesani said he worked hard to earn his money some of which he sent back home to his relatives in Masvingo, in neighbouring Zimbabwe.

All that ended suddenly on Tuesday last week when Pesani met his untimely demise. 

Contacted by The Bulrushes, the owner of Amabutho Metal Recycling in Rosslyn, Pretoria, who was only identified as “Nadine” confirmed that Pesani was “a casual worker” at her company.

DECEASED: Stanford Pesani, 29, died a horrible death at Amabutho Metal Recyclers in Pretoria after he inexplicably fell into a shredder

She would not be drawn to give details of his demise because she said the matter was “under investigation by the police”.

Nadine did, however, say she was not aware that Pesani was a Zimbabwean.

“The family has been threatening me since yesterday, we have contacted the police in this regard, and if this is another way of them to try and harass me or cause more trauma I will not leave the matter here,” said Nadine.

For their part, Pesani’s relatives are accusing Nadine of cruelty because they say she is not willing to compensate the family for his death.

After the horrific incident at the metal recycling firm, the mother of the deceased was contacted.

Another relative said the distraught woman came to the company to see for herself what had happened to her son.

“She said the company promised to assist the family with the funeral arrangements,” claimed the relative.

“It was concluded that the company will contact the family on Monday.

“However, on Monday when the family went to the company to discuss the arrangement, the owner denied taking the responsibility in helping them and chase them as well.

“She threatened to call police on them and her lawyers.”

Pesani’s relative said their pleas to the company to assist with the repatriation of his remains to Zimbabwe fell on deaf ears. 

They said the owner was no longer willing to speak to them.

“Is it because he did not have the correct documents to work in South Africa that she is treating the family so coldly?” asked a relative, who requested anonymity.

There were also suspicions that Pesani may have been a victim of a xenophobic attack.

Amabutho Metal Recyclers employs six other workers.

Pesani’s death coincided with the rise of “Operation Dudula” a campaign by South African citizens aimed at removing all illegal foreigners.

A woman who said was the aunt of the deceased said they were now approaching the Zimbabwe Consulate in Gauteng for assistance.