‘It’s A falsehood … We Never Interdicted Police,’ Say Moti Family

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The family of the four Moti brothers – who were kidnapped on their way to school and released weeks later – have dismissed as false reports that they have interdicted the police from speaking to them.

In a statement made public by renowned social cohesion advocate and anticrime activist Yusuf Abramjee, the Moti family statement said: “We have not issued an interdict against the police.”

The statement posted on Twitter added: “The media reports about an interdict is a complete falsehood, and the truth can be confirmed with Major General Manala from the SA Police Sevice.”

The family said their sudden departure was “beyond our control and a reluctant one”.

The statement said until now the family had steered clear of the media to avoid drawing attention to themselves for fear of reprisals.

“Our boys came home to us but they have not yet been able to live freely and without fear,” the statement said.

“We have been forced to make some difficult decisions to ensure their safety and well-being, despite the recent and sudden backlash.”

The statement, attributed to Naazim, Shakira, Zia, Alaan, Zayyad, and Zidan Moti pleaded for “understanding”.

“Please understand that our boys need time to heal from what happened to them one morning on their way to school,” said the family.

“We appeal to you for privacy and continued understanding so that these innocent young boys can go back to living a normal life.”

The Moti family, who have reportedly relocated to Dubai, thanked South Africans for their support and pledged that South Africa would always be “our home”.