Roodeplaat Dam Headless Body Identified As 43-Year-Old Zeyn Khan

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The headless body – without arms and legs – that was found at the Roodeplaat Dam a few days after Christmas Day has been identified as that of 43-year-old Zeyn Khan who had been reported missing a month earlier.

The headless torso was found after fishermen reported seeing a motorist stop on the bridge crossing above the Edendale River and toss something large into the water, which flows towards the Roodeplaat Dam.

Police divers were called in and they recovered the headless body that had been wrapped in plastic on Tuesday, 28 December 2021. The limbs arms and legs were also missing.

On Thursday, police said members of the Victim Identification Centre used DNA Analysis to swiftly determine the identity of the body found at Roodeplaat.

“Following the post-moterm report, members from the Victim Identification Centre consulted with families who had reported missing persons, for purposes of collecting DNA samples,” said Lt Col Netshiunda.

Police said the body had been positively identified as that of “Mr. Zeyn Khan (43), who was reported missing a month earlier on 28 November 2021”.

“The circumstances surrounding the kidnapping and murder remains the subject of police investigations,” said  Lt Col Netshiunda.

No arrests have been made yet.

The SA Police Service has asked the public to report all suspicious and criminal persons and activities on Crime Stop number 08600 10111, or on the MySAPS App.