Lynn Brown Found Wanting In Zondo Graft Report

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The Judicial Commission of Inquiry report has placed under the spotlight the decision of then public enterprises minister, Lynn Brown, to reappoint Dudu Myeni as acting South African Airways.

Brown ignored the account by the majority of the board that “Myeni had chaired a hopelessly dysfunctional board and had acted improperly and in breach of her duties”.

The report made public late on Tuesday found that Brown’s claim that retaining Myeni was in the interests of “continuity” was misplaced.

“That is not the type of continuity that a minister should be looking for in an SOE [state-owned enterprise],” said the report.

“Continuity could also have been maintained by acting on the complaints of the majority of the board, which may have encouraged them to stay on.

“The minister’s explanation for failing to deal with or meaningfully investigate serious, fundamental concerns about the organisation’s leadership is inexcusable.”