EFF Reminds SA It Brought Zuma Down, Demands Arrests

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The Economic Freedom Fighters on Wednesday said the party was the force that led to the formation of the Zondo Commission, which has found evidence of state capture.

Acting chief justice Raymond Zondo handed the first part of the judicial report to President Cyril Ramaphosa on Tuesday.

Welcoming the report the EFF on Wednesday said: “We underscore the fact that this commission was an outcome of the EFF’s historic and uncompromising struggle to push the then corrupt, kleptocratic and incompetent Zuma ANC (ZANC) administration to its knees”. 

The party led by Julius Malema added: “Without the protests of the EFF, in Parliament, on the picket lines and in the courts, the commission would have never taken place.

“It is a fact that it was as a result of the EFF’s legal initiative that the courts ordered the release of the Public Protectors ‘State of Capture Report’ on 3 November 2016.” 

The EFF said it had successfully resisted attempts by then-president, Jacob Zuma, to appoint what became the Zondo Commission. 

“These legal initiatives came against major doubts and ridicule by many,” said the EFF. 

“In addition, we must add that the EFF challenged Zuma and his kleptocratic maniacs head on long before it was fashionable. 

“Thus, it is the EFF that paved a way for many convenient anti-corruption pseudo heroes to go sing at the Zondo Commission without any threat of a Zuma government looming over their heads.”

However, the fighters said it came as no surprise that Ramaphosa “deliberately omitted the EFF from the list of those who must be acknowledged or thanked for the establishment and work of the commission”. 

The EFF said history has no blank pages.

“Strangely, Judge Zondo who chaired this very commission, which was made possible by the EFF, invited political parties represented in Parliament to give evidence, except the EFF,” said the fighters in a lengthy statement. 

“Today, he has concluded his work without hearing the only brave witness represented in Parliament benches that confronted the kleptocracy of the dangerous Zuma ANC administration.

“Nevertheless, the first part of the report confirms what the EFF had already warned the people of South Africa about.”

The EFF said the report confirmed that the South African Airways (SAA) had been abused by Zuma, Dudu Myeni and the Guptas for personal enrichment. 

The party said the report also confirms its earlier assertions that the Gupta-owned The New Age newspaper had fraudulent contracts with state-owned enterprises including SAA, Transnet, Eskom, and the South African Broadcasting Corporation. 

The EFF said other allegations it made that Zuma, then tax commissioner Tom Moyane and Bain Consulting (a US-based company) conspired to capture the South Africa Revenue Service were also confirmed by the report. 

“When the EFF took a decision to boycott and disallow The New Age and ANN7 from its activities SANEF [South Africa National Editors’ Forum] condemned us as enemies of ‘media freedom,” the fighters said. 

“Today, the Zondo Commission report has provided evidence and absolved the EFF,” said the fighters. 

“We further welcome the recommendations that criminal prosecutions must immediately follow. Even if the report is taken on review, police, and NPA [National Prosecuting Authority] need not waste any time. All implicated persons must face the full might of the law.

“There is no secret that the Gupta family had an unmitigated influence on Zuma and executive decisions.”

The EFF said it was, however, disappointed that the report exonerates then Commissioner of South Africa Revenue Service Pravin Gordhan.

“The lowest point of the report is excusing Gordhan’s racism on the basis that he participated in the struggle against apartheid,” said the EFF. 

“Presented with evidence of racism and the condescending attitudes of Gordhan towards African people, Zondo resorted to self-stupefaction.” 

The EFF further alleged that “Gordhan lied under oath and was deliberately allowed to get away with it.”