Operation ‘Dream On’ Nabs Drug Dealing, Hijacking Suspect

Jamvier Ramazani has a distinct look. He is a 30-year-old man with short dreadlocks on the top of his head. The sides of his head are shaved to the skin.

To the skeptical, Ramazani’s goatee and mustache easily complete the look of a wanna-be gangster in a low-budget movie.

They could be right.

Ramazani sits in a jail in Mpumalanga after the Bethal Magistrate’s Court remanded him in custody earlier this week.

He was recently arrested by South Africa’s elite crime busters – the Hawks – on suspicion that he and others had committed several crimes including car hijacking, dealing in drugs, and conspiracy to deal in drugs.

Earlier this year, in July, when police arrested several other suspects in connection with the crimes, Ramazani evaded arrest.

Ramazani had been on the run and was holed up in Emzinoni until the Hawks arrested him.

Before his arrest, Ramazani became a subject of the police’s major investigation “Dream On” aimed at arresting wanted suspects.

“During further investigation, the suspect was linked to another case of dealing in drugs which happened in May 2018 at Emzinoni,” said the police.  

“He was also linked to the case of car hijacking which happened in July 2021 in Bethal.”

On Tuesday the court in Bethal sent Ramazani back to the slammer to spend New Year’s Day there.

By the time of Ramazani’s next appearance on Tuesday next week, 4 January, the hair on the sides of his shaved head would have begun to sprout.

Ramazani will be joined in the dock by the other suspects arrested in July. Two of the suspects were remanded in custody after they were denied bail. The others are out on bail.