In2IT Opens Doors For Talented Women In ICT Sector

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Digital technologies company In2IT is playing a leading role in empowering female talent in ICT by providing equal opportunities for women in the sector.

In2IT, which has seen the benefits of employing women and helping them progress in their careers, is urging other companies in the ICT sector to do the same.

The company says empowering female talent in the ICTs has proven profitable as it has seen an increase in creativity and productivity.   

In2IT recently completed its first leg of the internship programme with more than 200 young graduates’ receiving globally recognised professional certifications, of which a significant number were women.

The programme is a bridging course for graduates who have completed technology-related degrees and diplomas at tertiary institutions.

Additionally, In2IT earlier this month celebrated women in ICTs as part of its efforts to raise awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and how to prevent it in the sector.

In2IT chairman Tshepo Mokoena says: “Pay them equally as men, in the fields they share with their male counterparts. Give them leadership roles or an equal opportunity to access leadership roles.

“This will help in terms of developing solutions that are relevant and effective. As a company that is what has been a driving force behind the solutions we’ve brought into the space.”

Mokoena explains how his company was taking the lead in empowering women in the workplace.

“Firstly we train them and encourage them to improve their skills base so that they can have a fighting chance of getting opportunities at higher levels,” says Mokoena.

“We are also creating an environment of management gender parity at managerial levels as a standard commitment to ensuring that women get a seat at the table”.

Beneficiaries of In2IT programmes welcomed the company’s initiatives and desires to empower female talent.

Fhatuwani Midzi says: “In2IT is playing a role in empowering me and my colleagues by providing employees variety in what we work on and whom we work with also provides mentorship opportunities to make sure mentorship opportunities are available to everyone, not just top performers”.

Mmashego Masemola says: “Employee empowerment is an essential element at In2IT. The company has open-door policies for those who want to further their studies to improve their careers.

“I have seen the company quantifiably improve its employee’s wellbeing, skills, and education by means of training, mentorship, skills programs, and aligning junior employees to work closely with senior employees which is a great way to build confidence and empower the junior employees to learn at a fast pace.

“There is definitely room for growth in the company. Management work closely with the team allowing them to assess employees’ best qualities and cultivate them, sometimes even leading to a different route and specialization within the company”.

Attesting to the company’s progressive nature, Busisiwe Sikiti – an In2IT network engineer says: “I started as an intern in this company I am now on a senior level.

“This really inspires my colleagues to work hard because back in the day senior positions would be offered only to male employees but now the time has changed.

“We now see a lot of women in senior positions in ICT sectors.”