Suspended Dr. Grieve Stole R22 Million From Patients

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The Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) on Thursday said it had suspended Dr. Stephen Grieve from practicing as a medical practitioner for three years over the theft of more than R20 million from investors’ money.

The HPCSA ruling comes more than a decade after Dr. Grieve caused financial prejudice to his patients and other investors.

As far back as 2004, Dr. Grieve persuaded his patients and family members to invest in a financially distressed company called “Bridging Solution (PTY) LTD”.

The HPCSA said Dr. Grieve caused intense sorrow when he misappropriated monies invested by his patients and family members amounting to R22 million. 

Almost eight million rand of the embezzled money belonged to the suspended Centurion-based doctor’s brother, William Grieve. 

Although Dr. Grieve successfully argued in the high court that the HPCSA lacked jurisdiction to charge him, the ruling favouring his stance was overturned on appeal.

The Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that the conduct complained of fell within the jurisdiction of the HPCSA in terms of Section 41(1) of the Health Professions Act.

The HPCSA said in subsequent proceedings, “the Committee found Dr. Grieve guilty and he was sentenced to three years suspension from practice.

“This means Dr. Grieve is not allowed to practice as a medical practitioner during the period of suspension.”

The HPCSA said its fundamental objective was to always maintain a high standard of professionalism, it is also the primary guardian and custodian of morals in relation to healthcare professionals registered under the Act. 

“Council advises practitioners to be cautious with engaging in activities that involve their patients,” said the HPCSA.

Although the matter was reported to the Lyttleton Police Station, The Bulrushes could not immediately establish the status of the case.