Police Link Skull To Legs, Arms Found In Fridge

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Police on Tuesday said they found a skull which they are linking to the arms and legs recovered from a fridge in Protea Glen, Soweto.

On Monday the fridge owner, 26-year-old Flavio Hlabangwane who was arrested at the weekend after his girlfriend made the gruesome discovery, appeared in court.

Police said they found an ID belonging to a 23-year-old woman in Hlabangwane’s room and they had made contact with her family.

The woman’s family has come forward and will be providing DNA samples to assist with the identification of the limbs found in Hlabangwane’s fridge.

Police said a skull found nearby close to the R59 road was linked to the refrigerated body parts.

Hlabangwane who lodges in a room at a house in Soweto was said to be a quiet man. The gruesome discovery has shocked neighbours and his own family.

Matters came to a head at the weekend when Hlabangwane left his girlfriend in his room to go to nearby shops.

While he was away, the girlfriend opened the fridge in search of something to eat only to be confronted with human legs and arms.

Terrified, the woman alerted the police.

Before the police could arrest Hlabangwane, onlookers watched in horror as the suspect stabbed himself.

The accused was eventually restrained and an ambulance was called to ferry him to the hospital.

On Monday, Hlabangwane was deemed well enough to face the music in the Protea Magistrates’ Court.

The murder accused was remanded in custody until 22 November 2021.

The matter was adjourned to allow the accused to apply for legal representation with Legal Aid South Africa.