Petition To Stop Shell Gas Exploration Gains Traction

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Oceans Not Oil – led by founder Janet Solomon – is running a petition to stop Shell’s planned seismic survey in search of oil or gas deposits from Morgan Bay to Port St Johns.

Shell has announced that it will start the exploration on 1 December 2021.

However, the Oceans Not Oil petition opposing the exploration has gained traction and has so far amassed more than 84 000 signatures.

Oceans Not Oil is calling for a moratorium on all offshore oil and gas development to protect marine wildlife and environmental sustainability.

“The vessel operated by Shell Exploration and Production SA’s hirelings, Shearwater GeoServices, will, for five months, drag up to 48 air guns methodically through 6,011km2 of ocean surface, firing extremely loud shock wave emissions that penetrate through 3km of water and 40km into the Earth’s crust below the seabed,” notes Oceans Not Oil.

“The ship will work around the clock, firing the air guns every 10 seconds.

“In the process, marine life on the sensitive Wild Coast will be panicked and damaged.

“Many sea creatures could be affected in the coming months – whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, sharks and even crabs and tiny shellfish will be blasted.”

Oceans Not Oil said: “We need your urgent action” by signing “this petition to support our call on Honourable Barbara Creecy, minister of environmental affairs to withdraw the approval of this application”.

Oceans Not Oil added: “In addition to signing the petition we are asking that you urgently submit objections to the blasting in the Wild Coast.

“The Shell Wild Coast survey has been approved – however, no one knew about it – so this needs public outcry and you can still register your objection with the consultant for public records until 29 November 2021.  

“Any South African citizen can become an interested and affected party – the ocean is our commons.”

Link to petition: