Bikers’ Club Sapa Yopa Hosts Big Event In Limpopo

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Motorcycle club Sapa Yopa – the biggest biking club in Africa – is hosting a big event in Polokwane at Meropa to celebrate its 13 anniversary.

Sapa Yopa is a Limpopo-based social and charity-oriented group of people that love to ride motorcycles and enjoy Africa’s beautiful scenic views.

Bikers from all over the continent are expected to attend the celebrations in Limpopo next month, which coincide with Aids Day.

“It’s an event that will start with a gala dinner on the 2 December 2021,” said Martins Antonio, who leads Sapa Yopa.

He said the event will be attended by state officials, SANAC representatives, bikers from South Africa, other African countries, and the US.

“This is more to pay last tribute to all fallen bikers of Sapa Yopa and celebrate Aids Day, support the fight against gender-based violence, and all programs that bring changes in our communities at large,” said Antonio.

“This will be one of the biggest events ever in bikeville and it’s a leading event that will unite Africa, the government of Limpopo, and the society at large.”

Antonio said Sapa Yopa was the only club in Africa that has traveled to most African countries, Europe, and America to attend their events.

“Sapa Yopa’s focus is to unite Africa and lead by example,” said the ambitious leader of local bikers.