Derailment: Blue Train Services To Continue

Transnet SOC Ltd  on Monday said the Blue Train will continue operating and servicing customers – a day after it derailed in the early hours.

South Africa’s iconic Blue Train derailed and crashed in Germiston on Sunday. Luckily no passengers were on board.

The Blue Train’s origins date back to the Union Limited and Union Express trains, which began in 1923, taking passengers from Johannesburg to the ships departing from Cape Town to England.

“Train Set 1 of the Blue Train will continue operating and servicing customers in the coming months,” said Transnet SOC Ltd Spokesperson Ayanda Shezi.

“This follows the derailment incident affecting Train Set 2, which occurred in the early hours of yesterday morning (7 November 2021).

“The derailment, which occurred on a secluded line, does not affect other train movements.”

Transnet said a revised train schedule has been communicated to customers and the tourism market at large.

“An investigation is underway into the cause of the derailment. Any further updates will be provided in due course,” said Shezi.