66 Hung Councils: ANC Now In Coalition Talks

The African National Congress (ANC) on Sunday said it has assembled a team of negotiators for possible coalitions in councils where no party had an outright majority in the local government elections..

ANC treasurer general, Paul Mashatile, and deputy secretary general, Jessie Duarte, are leading the team.

The ANC said the move “follows the hung municipalities throughout the country. The ANC is a common denominator in all these dung municipalities”.

The ANC said its negotiators met a number of political parties on Saturday.

“Other meetings with other parties will follow as and when they are ready to engage,” said the ANC communique, without giving names of any parties they were ready to engage with to form coalitions.

“We believe that as different parties, we are enjoined by the commitment to work for our people and the country.”

The ANC said, “once we reach agreements with other parties, we will jointly communicate those decisions”.

Announcing the results of the local government elections on Thursday night, the Electoral Commission of South Africa said there were a record 66 hung councils.