Drop Charges Against Ace, Demands Bishop Ndlela

We as church leaders from throughout South Africa, who gathered yesterday in Mangaung to support the Secretary General of the ANC, in the court ordeal that he is faced with are outraged that the case is once again postponed.

It is evident that the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has absolutely no case against comrade Magashule. 

This case is now for the umpteenth time postponed. 

It is truly a travesty of justice to first arrest and charge someone, and then to try and conjure up a case against an accused afterwards.

We are convinced that this trumped-up case, of so-called undefined ‘oversight charges’, is solely politically motivated. 

The purpose of this travesty of justice was only to abuse

the legal process in order to force the Secretary General of the ANC to “step aside” and eventually to suspend him. 

Politics must stay in the political realm, and the law must be 


This case is exactly the opposite.

 It is a poisonous brew of politically factional evil intent.

Today the NPA stands exposed as their case against comrade Ace Magashule is falling apart, and they are exposed that they actually have no case. 

The former PA of comrade Magashule, Ms. Moroadi Cholota, despite the NPA’s false claims, never agreed to be a witness against him.

Now that it has become evident that the NPA lied about her being a

witness, they are trying to intimidate her by threatening that they will charge her too.

What a spectacle of a miscarriage of justice this has become! 

This is exactly what happens when things are cooked up in dark corners without any foundation in justice and truth.

As religious leaders, we call for this fallacious case against comrade Ace Magashule to be scrapped from the court role immediately. 

It is truly the only just thing to do. 

Anything else will only perpetuate this travesty of justice.

We also call for those who have been involved in abusing our legal system for such transparent political purposes to be charged and brought to book.

We cannot any longer stand idly by and watch our constitutional state being destroyed by a mafia axis of ruthless and corrupt politicians, and their bought “legal” henchmen and women. 

As religious leaders, we have a sacred duty to uphold morality, justice, and the true rule of law.

Issued by Bishop S. I. Ndlela, on behalf of the religious leaders.

*The Bulrushes has no part in the opinions expressed.