Two Kids Die After Stepping On Live Wires

Two children died in Mangolongolo informal settlement, near Cleveland in Johannesburg, after they stepped on live electrical wires running along the ground.

The tragedy was a result of illegal electricity connections.

“We received reports today that two children died through electrocution in Mangolongolo informal settlement near Cleveland,” said City Power on Saturday.

“The children are believed to have stepped on an exposed live electricity wire.

“A team has been dispatched to the area to investigate.”

Mangolongolo is one of the hotspots of illegal connections in the City of Johannesburg, where City Power infrastructure, including streetlights, have been vandalised.

“Our revenue protection unit has in the past conducted cut-off operations, and educational campaigns in the area around the dangers of illegal connections,” said City Power.

“We have had at least 21 electrocution cases in the past two financial years, with six this year.

“Not only are illegal connections deadly as proven here, but they cost the city millions in lost revenue.”

City Power, which sent condolences to the families of the dead children, again warned residents about the dangers of illegal connections.