Outage In Jo’burg South West After Pylon Falls Over

A weakened pylon was blown over by strong winds on Monday between Nancefield and Nirvana substation causing a major outage in areas south west of Johannesburg.

“The outage happened earlier today after the collapse of 88kV pylon tower which was blown by the strong winds,” said City Power.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

The power utility said the pylon has been tampered with causing it to weaken.

“We have requested a criminal investigation to be launched as we believe the pylon was weakened by vandalism by criminals,” said City Power.

“While we will be able to restore power to Nancefield substation this evening through backfeeding, Nirvana substation will remain off until repairs are done.

“Unfortunately currently we cannot say when repairs will be done and power restored.

“We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this.”

The areas affected by the outage included Nancefield, part of Eldorado Park, Klipsruit West, Nancefield industrial, Nirvana, Lenasia Ext3 to 13, Lenasia clinic, Trade Route Mall, and Ahmed Kathrada Hospital.

Earlier on Monday City Power said it had now agreed to implement load-shedding as directed by Eskom from 9 pm.