Salon Owner Murder: Police Have Not Cleared Anyone

Police have still not made any arrests in connection with last week’s murder of 25-year-old salon owner Yvonne Kangausaru who was found dead in a pool of blood in her Edenvale apartment in Johannesburg.

Yvonne’s body was discovered last week on Wednesday in the bedroom by her boyfriend – a white man described by neighbours as being in his “mid-fifties”.

The body of the upcoming entrepreneur was found with at least nine stab wounds in the back and her neck had been severed.

Speaking  to The Bulrushes on Thursday police sources said the dead woman’s boyfriend had not yet been cleared of any invovement in the murder.

“Everyone remains a suspect,” said the source without disclosing how many suspects police had in their sights.

“Police are making progress with their investigations.” 

The boyfriend, who lives in Sandton, has already been quizzed by the police.

“She was killed during the day. Neighbours heard nothing. She was slaughtered like an animal and no one heard anything?,” was the only question a relative asked.

This week other grieving relatives that included her mother asked for space to mourn their loved one.

On Wednesday distraught family members removed Yvonne’s belongings from the bachelor pad she had recently bought in Edenvale. Yvonne had no children and she lived alone.

It was unclear if anything had been taken from her flat after the brutal attack, which police sources said had the hallmarks of a crime of passion.

“It appears there was a struggle,” said the source.