Young Female Salon Owner Stabbed To Death

A 25-year-old salon owner has been found dead in a pool of blood in her Edenvale apartment in Johannesburg.

Upcoming entrepreneur, Yvonne Kangausaru, who was last seen at her salon in the Edenvale CBD on Tuesday was found with nine stab wounds in the back and her neck had been severed.

Yvonne had recently bought her bachelor pad. She had no children and lived alone.

Although information remains sketchy, The Bulrushes, has it on good authority that Yvonne’s body was discovered on Wednesday in the bedroom by her boyfriend – a white man described by neighbours as being in his “mid-fifties”.

Police have spoken to the boyfriend, who lives in Sandton, twice and they say an arrest is imminent.

Whispers at the complex suggest the boyfriend has a hot temper. 

Some people at the complex said Yvonne sometimes appeared “scared of her older white man boyfriend”.

Police told Yvonne’s relatives that evidence at the apartment suggested there was a struggle before she was overpowered and killed.

“The investigation officer says it’s the most gruesome murder he has seen in his career,” lamented a close relative.

Almost as an after thought the relative added: “She looked just like her mother.”

Police have been to the apartment several times and they are certain they have collected enough evidence to bring in the suspect.