Woman Dies, 14 Injured In Minibus Taxi Crash

A woman died Thursday night and 14 other commuters were injured when the minibus taxi they were travelling in hit a wall at a high-speed along North Coast Road in Durban. 

Emer-G-Med and ER24 responded to calls for help.

When they arrived at the scene of the crash at the intersection of Effingham Road they found absolute mayhem. 

“A mini-bus taxi had veered off the roadway, smashing through a brick wall. Injured commuters were found clambering to safety and an on-scene triage area was established,” said  Emer-G-Med.

“Three people were found to have life threatening injuries and advanced life support intervention was needed to stabilise them.” 

All the injured were taken to hospitals.

“A female of approximately 40 years of age was found to have suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead by paramedics,” said Emer-G-Med.

Police were also on the scene.