Greenpeace Intercepts Fish Oil Tanker From West Africa

Greenpeace on Thursday intercepted the tanker Key Sund, which was transporting fish oil from West Africa through the Channel between England and France.

In support of the campaigning efforts by West African fishers and female fish processors, Greenpeace said it intercepted the tanker to bring attention to their unethical corporate practices.

“Rather than feeding local people who depend on the ocean for food security, West Africa’s fish are increasingly nourishing the fish farms and feedlots of other countries,” said Greenpeace in explaining its actions.

“Despite this industry’s theft of fish from West Africa, which has led to the depletion of a vital local food source and threatens to trigger large-scale job losses, the authorities in West Africa have not taken sufficient action.

“But West Africa’s fishing communities refuse to stay silent. They won’t stop fighting until big business changes.

“That’s why early this week, in an artisanal fish processing site in Mbaling, Senegal, female fish processors expressed their concern about the situation and asked for the protection of the oceans and their jobs.”

Greenpeace said it launched a new petition on Thursday to demand immediate action by fishmeal and fish oil corporations and the region’s governments.

Every year, over half a million tonnes of fish – which could feed more than 33 million people in the region – are instead ground into fishmeal and fish oil to feed farmed fish, pigs, chickens, and pets in Asia and Europe.