Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Restored

The six-hour outage of Facebook and its Instagram and WhatsApp platforms on Monday – which has been resolved – left users worldwide fuming and unsure of the reliability of the services.

Billions of users around the world could not access Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, cutting them off from communications they have come to rely on.

Facebook last suffered a massive blackout in 2019, when the network shut down for 14 hours.

Forbes is reporting that Facebook stock came under pressure from two fronts: an unusually long outage of its namesake platform, Instagram and WhatsApp, a mistake likely costing the company tens of millions of dollars in revenue. 

“To the huge community of people and businesses around the world who depend on us: we’re sorry,” Facebook said.

“We’ve been working hard to restore access to our apps and services and are happy to report they are coming back online now.”

Outage tracking website Downdetector.com said it had received 10.6 million complaints ranging from the United States and Europe to Colombia and Singapore.