ActionSA Says Its Name Is Missing On Ballots

ActionSA – led by former Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba – says its name has been omitted from ballot papers for the 1 November local government elections.

Miffed at only having the party logo on the ballot, ActionSA on Sunday demanded that the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) give it the same treatment as other contesting parties.

The anomaly came to light at the weekend when the IEC presented its final draft ballot papers for the wards in Gauteng.

“In the IEC’s drafted ballot paper, only our logo features – the party’s name does not appear and an empty space has been left in its place,” complained ActionSA.

“The implication of this is that ActionSA supporters will be limited only to a candidate name and a logo to identify the party on the ballot, while other parties will have the benefit of their name or popularised acronym appearing.

“Despite immediately raising this as an objection with the IEC, both during and after the ballot sign-off held yesterday, ActionSA has been informed that the issue will not be addressed.”

The IEC says it relies entirely on the registration documentation for this information and that the ballot paper sign-off was not intended to deal with such issues.

ActionSA said it has given the IEC an ultimatum.

“If the commission does not resolve the issue by 10 am tomorrow, Monday 4 October 2021, ActionSA will direct its legal team to pursue any legal remedy available to our party including our courts of law,” said Mashaba’s party.