SA’s Pastor Zandi Thwala To Minister In The US

South Africa’s Pastor Zandi Thwala has been invited to preach in the US on two consecutive weekends in Texas and St. Croix, one of America’s Virgin Islands.

Speaking to The Bulrushes from the US on Thursday, Pastor Zandi, the co-founder of Sword & Spirit Ministries International, said: “This is a very big stage.”

Pastor Thwala believes God has entrusted her with a message for the nations of the world and she is very thankful for the opportunity to minister to Americans.

Initially, Pastor Thwala said she was in the US to attend a wedding.

She said a renowned American preacher, Pastor Joshua Fowler, heard she was in the US. 

Pastor Fowler tracked her down and invited her to minister at his Field Of Glory church in Valley View, Texas.

Pastor Fowler first heard Pastor Thwala preach in Secunda, South Africa, two years ago.

“He was impressed and wanted me to share the word with his congregation,” said Pastor Thwala.

The charismatic Pastor Thwala is also the author of a book titled “Exceptional Life”.

She said the invitation to preach would be an opportunity to introduce her inspirational book to Americans.

Pastor Thwala is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, counselor, and Mentor.

She said followers of her church – Sword & Spirit Ministries International – in South Africa and Eswatini can follow her sermons live online on